SoftballaBox - Box 2 - One Time Gift Purchase
SoftballaBox - Box 2 - One Time Gift Purchase

SoftballaBox - Box 2 - One Time Gift Purchase

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SoftballaBox 2 is PACKED! Box 2 features a drill magazine that expands upon the drills and tools from Box 1 PLUS all of the drills for Box 2 tools!  Our hand picked drills by some of our favorite pros, college coaches, and former college players designs and explains step by step instructions. Box 2 helps you continue your Softballa® Journey! 

Box 2 is packed with training items! - Agility Ladder & Agility Cones, Softballa® Power Pod and Uncrushable Balls!
Box 2 also comes with a lot of swag - Softballa® Definition T shirt, Softballa® Beanie, Headband, Large bow, bracelet and more! 

As always, this box is also loaded with over $250 retail value, training balls and large resistance training bands! 

While you’re taking your skills to the next level, Strength & Conditioning is always a HUGE part of being a better athlete! SoftballaBox has you covered in this box as with all our boxes! Box 2 has a custom made 3 Month Strength & Conditioning Program. 

Our programs are: 

  • Designed by a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists) Strength & Conditioning Coach with D1 Collegiate and NFL coaching experience. 
  • Easy to understand illustration instructions
  • Can do all the workouts at home 
  • All required tools for workouts are included in the box
  • Custom formulated JUST for Softball Players

All boxes have a guaranteed retail value of over $250 in every box, which is the highest valued sports box out there! A new SoftballaBox gets delivered to your door every 3 months with different items every time!

*Please note: This box is intended to be the 2nd box in the Softballa® Journey, therefore it references drills, tools and training items featured in the previous box. If you purchase this box as your first box we suggest following the full Journey with Box 1.