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What's in the box?

  • Each quarterly SoftballaBox features a collection of hand picked training tools, drills, accessories and of course swag valued at $250+ (that’s $1,000+ in value per year), and SHIPS FOR FREE!

  • Items in the box include multiple full size training tools, drill booklets, different types of balls, a 3 month strength & conditioning program, bat grip tape and other accessories! Every box is curated by former/current college players, coaches & pros!

  • All items are rigorously tested and curated for

  • SoftballaBox VIPs receive exclusive offers and discounts on refill products, as well as how-to articles, magazines and video tutorials for drills and workout programs to help softballas get the most out of their boxes!

  • Every box is curated so all drills and training aids can be used in the rain or shine, indoors or out! It is perfectly formulated for all parts of the country and anytime of the season.

The SoftballaBox Way

How It Starts

Choose your membership. Join our SoftballaBox Team with an annual, seasonal or 6 month subscription. All 3 ways gets you a box every 3 months, but the annual pre-pay keeps a few dollars ($71) in your pocket. Skip a box or cancel at anytime!

How It Works

Every box, includes hand picked, customized products with over 15 premium items focusing on everyday skills, drills, fitness and swag, curated by former & current college players & coaches. Each box accommodates all seasons & skill levels.

How It Grows

Each box is loaded wth an array of new, different & long-lasting products that enhance your skills & Softballa swag as you welcome a new box each quarter! In addition to totally new tools & swag, each box builds on previous drills & products so you get to master each training tool while you expand your knowledge, drills & skills!

Some of Our Favorite SoftballaBox Items!

19in Little Training Bat & 6 Indoor/Outdoor Training Balls

19in Mini Training Bat & 6 Indoor/Outdoor Training Balls

SoftballaBox Front Pocket Draw String Backpack

Custom Draw String Backpack

Custom SoftballaBox Reaction Ball

Custom Softballa Reaction Training Ball

SoftballaBox Magazine Loaded with Drills & a Custom Made 3 Month Strength & Conditioning Workout

Welcome Magazine loaded with Drills for all training items & a 3 Month Custom Workout Program

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