What the Pros are Saying About SoftballaBox

Stehanie DeFeo

Head Coach Mercer University - Macon, GA

"As a college coach, we want girls who LOVE the game! Playing college softball is a big commitment and an environment where you’re always training and competing to be better than you were the day before. We want players who work at perfecting their game outside of practice. Working with their parents, friends, or by themselves. It's clear which players are willing to put in the work everyday. SoftballaBox gives athletes the ability to work at home and master the basics while advancing  your development with each box."

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Jen Gilbert

Canadian National Team Member - 2021 Olympian

"The tools in the boxes have such great versatility in them for getting your work in inside or in your garage as well as outside. Growing up, my mom used to get upset with me trying to practice in the house and putting holes in the wall. I wish I had these tools when I was younger! Drill work is so important and the boxes help you accomplish that!"

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Krystle Lawson

Owner of Elite Pitching Academy - Alabama

"SoftballaBox provides an awesome way for my students to keep training at a high level when they are at lessons and in between lessons at home. When each box arrives my students are excited to see all the new gear and swag and how we can incorporate the drills and tools into our training here! We LOVE the balls in Box 1 and In Box 3 I shared some of my favorite drills in the Coach's Corner!"  

Lindsay Boynton

Assistant Coach Hillsborough Community College - Tampa, FL

"Playing at the next level requires a lot of hard work and dedication. There is a place for everyone to play who wants to, but that comes with working on perfecting the little things and learning everyday. SoftballaBox gives you the drills and tools to work on all the little things that matter most. The drills are very versatile and the workouts give you a preview of what daily life is like in college."

What the Parents are Saying About SoftballaBox

Softball Is For Girls

Temple, GA

"Achieve these 3 goals in every box:


And honestly, it does exactly those things. We are pretty sure that you will love it as much as we did. It’s difficult to transfer how impressed we were with the quality of the products as well as how immaculate and clear the training guides inside were. We see a lot of junk out there, an this is definitely NOT JUNK!

We are fairly certain that no family (parent or player) will be disappointed with the Softball Box!"

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My Daughter loved Box 1 so much we rushed our Box 2 order a month early! Can't wait to get the 3rd box. It has made working out and practicing without field access all the time so much easier!

Jamie R.

Getting a new box every 3 months is so exciting for my daughter! Each one is better than the last!

Cynthia M.

My daughter got her box delivered today, cant wait until she gets home from school and opens it! She was begging me for one and doesn't know she's getting it!

Abby W.

Meredith B.

Apopka, FL

"My girls love their Softballa T shirts! Totally explains our everyday life! This box was a perfect Christmas present in our house and we are excited for the future boxes to come! Hoping it helps my girls to practice more on their own!


Tallahassee, FL

"I was the first person to ever get a SoftballaBox! It was so exciting and when I saw the box I just had to have it!"

The variety in the different boxes is awesome. Was concerned about the price since other subscription boxes I have seen were low quality, but this is definitely worth it! Each box is more packed than the last.

Jean M.

The drills and workouts are what I was impressed with the most! My daughter has trouble working on her own and doing the drills correctly but the books that come make it easy for her to do on her own! Love the concept.

Paul F.

My daughter loves all the clothing and bows and gear she gets in each box! I think the drills are great for the value but she of course just loves wearing all the gear too! Either way, I am happy!

Jan B.

Claudia G.

"Even though we don't have the pleasure of playing any longer I Still recommend this to all of you that are blessed to be playing! "

Jacob S.

Boston, MA

My 12u team loves our Softballa Boxes. We use alot of the tools at practice but they can do the drills at home or with their friends. The drill books have great drills for my advanced and beginning players.

More Happy Softballas

My daughter is always excited and never disappointed with the contents of her Softballa Boxes.

Jill S.

I love the diversity from box to box! Each one has drills for the tools that came before but never repeat items.

Rodney H.

High quality stuff in each box that my daughter and I can both enjoy! Can't wait to get our next one!

Marcie A.


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