1. SINGLE - Receive a box every 3 months - Pay Quarterly

2. DOUBLE - Receive a box every 3 months - Pay every 6 Months

3. HOMERUN - Receive a box every 3 months - Pay ONCE a Year


Unlike other subscription boxes we ship right away! You can elevate your game on YOUR schedule. Your first box ships 1 BUSINESS DAY after purchase! No waiting for monthly ship dates - GET YOUR BOX WHEN YOU WANT IT!

Our curated boxes are loaded with training tools, drills, custom swag, and custom workout programs and deliver them to your door! Each box accommodates all weather & skill levels.



Every Softballa® begins their journey with Box 1. This is the foundation box and gets you fully equip to start your SoftballaBox journey!

From there, every 3 months you will receive Box 2, then Box 3 and Box 4! Each box will have totally new tools & swag. Each box builds on previous drills & products so you get to master each training tool while you expand your knowledge, drills & skills! No items from your previous boxes ever go to waste! You will continue to use them with each new box too!


When will my box ship?

Your first box will ship within 1 Business Day of receiving your order. Every 3 months following your first box purchase you will receive the next box. For example, if you purchase your SoftballaBox 1 on February 10th, your Box 1 will ship in one business day. Your SoftballaBox 2 will ship May 10th, SoftballaBox 3 will ship August 10th and so on. You can check the status of your shipments by logging into your account at anytime.

How much is shipping? 

  • Shipping on all of our Boxes is FREE to the contiguous United States. Shipping to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii will be calculated and applied at checkout. Shipping for all Swag is Flat Rate Shipping of $3.95 to the contiguous United States.

What age / skill levels is SoftballaBox For?

  • SoftballaBox is reccomended for Softballas® who are ages 10+. Every box has drills and tools for all skill levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Box 1 helps build a foundation that will elevate any player's skill level with the following boxes and drills.  

Do you need a coach to use SoftballaBox?

  • No, you don't need a coach to use SoftballaBox! We provide all the tools, drills, and instruction in every box! It is designed to be able to take your game to the next level while working at home with a friend, sibling, parent or by yourself. Giving your Softballa® the chance to put work in everyday, between practice, games or lessons.

How do I cancel SoftballaBox?

  • Canceling SoftballaBox is very easy! All you need to do is log-in to your account and hit the cancel button.

    Alternatively, you can also skip your upcoming Box if you’d prefer to take a break, and push your next Box further than 3 Months, instead of canceling. Our subscribers have had great success using this feature to use SoftballaBox as a reminder to stick with it, and create daily work ethic and perfecting the "little things" in our game that make the difference!

  • You can also email anytime for assistance and a member of our SoftballaBox Support Team will be happy to assist you!

What are the Subscription options for SoftballaBox?

  • We offer 3 ways to enjoy SoftballaBox. The SINGLE SoftballaBox where you pay every 3 months (quarterly) and receive a box every 3 months. We also offer the SoftballaBox DOUBLE where you pay every 6 Months but receive a box every 3 months. You save 10% per box with this option. The SoftballaBox HOMERUN pay just ONCE a year and receive boxes every 3 months! Pay just ONCE and get 4 boxes! You save $71 a year with this option!

What if I want to buy SoftballaBox as a gift & not subscribe?

  • We know sometimes you want to surprise a Softballa® in your life with the best gift out there for a softball player but aren't sure about subscribing just yet! You can choose our one-time gift purchase options which have no subscriptions. You can choose single, 6 month or Annual One time purchases here.

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