The Story Of SoftballaBox

SoftballaBox was started by a former D1 softball player and coach who's passion has always been and will always be softball. After leaving collegiate coaching to pursue ventures in a family business, she realized how her new world, and her passion and love for softball could collide. Here is her story....

As someone who was always told "you're not built to be a college pitcher" the work never stopped. Whether it was the voice in my head challenging me or the drive inside to never want to lose, I learned quickly that hard work is the only "ticket" to living your dream. 

Coach after coach and team after team I tried to learn as fast as possible and as much as possible. Through high school and college the hard work and learning never stopped. Forever a student of the game, the game is always changing and you must learn to change with it! After living my dream playing D1 softball for 4 years and then continuing into the collegiate coaching profession, the learning (and teaching) was the best part. Coaching is the most rewarding feeling in the world but it is also extremely humbling and filled with pressure situations and tough decisions to make.

Through the life lessons, tears, heartbreak, triumphs and championships the game blessed me with, I can honestly say softball made me who I am today.

SoftballaBox is culmination of all of these experiences. By teaching & learning each day, SoftballaBox was created to Educate athletes, Equip them with tools & gear, to be able Execute on the field. 

For generations of Softballas, "growing the game" has always been the main goal. Hoping that one lesson learned or a breakthrough tip could help someone else enjoy the game that stole their heart from the moment they stepped onto the clay. SoftballaBox is no different, but today we have the ability to really GROW the game on a big scale! 

Each item in every SoftballaBox is hand picked for a specific reason. Whether the specific tool or drill has a special meaning to the SoftballaBox Team or it is the favorite of one of our Pros or Coaches, it is in the box to serve a purpose. SoftballaBox custom gear and accessories are exclusive SoftballaBox brands and were created JUST for SoftballaBox VIPS.

Whether you dream of one day playing in college or even the Olympics, you just love softball, or want to help grow the game, SoftballaBox is just right for you.

Work on your skills, rep the hottest SoftballaBox swag, but most importantly, ELEVATE YOUR GAME!